Helping non-techies to understand digital technologies through our digital technology training

Have you an interest in how digital technology works? Would it help you in your role working in digital to understand how it works and how it is developed? Maybe you manage digital products, services or projects but are not from a computing background. Perhaps you are procuring digital services such as websites, web apps or mobile apps and want a deeper appreciation of what you are being sold?

We produce training material and deliver training to help non-techies to understand digital technologies and the processes for delivering them. We do this to help non-technical professionals to better understand the technologies and technical professionals around them.

We are able to provide standard and bespoke training across a range of topics. We can deliver this in person in the UK, or personally online across the world.

We will also be bringing out a number of free resources as an introduction to various digital subject areas. If you want us to update you on these as and when they are releases, do let us know here.

Popular topics include:

  • Intro to web technologies and development
  • The various parts including front-end, back-end, database, and how they work together
  • Technology stacks – what they are, common examples and why they are chosen
  • The development (and associated project) process
  • Application in technology, agency and end-user organisations
  • Project processes – waterfall, agile and hybrid
  • Roles and interactions (graphic and UX design through development and testing/QA)
  • Intro to mobile technologies and development
  • Web app vs. native vs. hybrid vs. progressive web apps
  • Off-the-shelf platforms, services and products
  • CMS & ecommerce – the choices in the market and why they are used, and considerations for selecting and implementing

Please note, that if you are a technology professional such as a developer, our training is probably not for you (though we do offer a mentoring service). We don’t provide in-depth development, project management, or other detailed training in niche areas, so if for example you are a developer looking to develop your skill set, there are many great training providers out there that can help you (and we’re happy to recommend some where we can so feel free to contact us). 

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