Philip Clarke, Consultant CTO

Hi.  I’m Phil Clarke, founder of Articulate Digital and Consultant CTO for various businesses.

Here is a really brief summary of my career:

  • 20 years in the digital industry
  • 10 years in senior leadership teams
  • 5 years as a board member
  • Building and managing technology teams
  • Architecting complex digital technology solutions

I now work across different business to help them be strategic with their use of technology, teams and suppliers.

Typically, I work with businesses that don’t have a dedicated CTO, to bridge the gap between the board and their technical team (if in-house) or suppliers (if outsourced). For some examples of the type of work I typically undertake for clients, see CTO-as-a-Service details.

I’m always keen to talk to businesses about their challenges, and to help them where I can. Send me an email and I’ll get in touch.

You can also see more about me on my LinkedIn profile. I’m happy to provide my CV on request.