Helping senior techies keep abreast of new technology, and to improve the way they communicate through our mentoring service

We can help senior techies (e.g. CTOs, development managers and senior developers) in two ways through our mentoring programme:

Wide technology awareness

When making technology choices, it is natural to favour the technologies you are familiar with. And of course, it makes sense for many reasons not to flit around different technologies every five minutes. However, your focus and your limited time means that you cannot be aware of all the current trends and best-practices – both in terms of technology and process.

We can help you to stay abreast of technologies and trends. Our professional have discussed technology approaches with hundreds of technology businesses in the last few years, so have an insight as to what’s hot, what technologies others are using, and why. With an independent view, we can tell you about the technologies you need to be aware of to make sure you have a wide view to make the decisions you need to.


Developers and other technical roles require a particular mindset and focus. You can spend most of your time working with other techies, immersed in that world. So, when it comes to explaining technical concepts to non-techies, it is not always easy to convey very technical concepts in way that they understand – to seniors, colleges or at pitches.

Getting complicated technical concepts across to a non-technical audience requires a particular way of thinking, and will change depending on your audience. That could be:

  • discussing or presenting to others in your business, e.g. senior stakeholders
  • writing proposals and business cases
  • pitching

Our mentoring service

Our mentoring is tailored to your needs. We can deliver a one-off session, but we recommend a regular catch-up to help you develop professionally over a period of time – whether formal meetings, catching-up over coffee, or ad-hoc conversations over the phone/Skype/Slack/etc.

You’ll be working with an independent senior techie who’s experienced first-hand what you have but with experience across many technology businesses, and has spent years communicating tech to non-techies and vice versa (through management, documentation and pitching). As as someone independent from your business, you’ll have an independent point of view which will give you additional clout when influencing your colleagues.

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