Helping digital businesses get the most out of technology, their technical teams, suppliers and processes

Many small companies that provide digital products and services struggle to justify a strategic-level digital role within the business. Some outsource their development and don’t have the expertise in the business to sense-check the development work. Others have a technical team who are focussed on delivery, but not so much on the long-term technical strategy and roadmap, and will likely be thinking in terms of the technologies there are familiar with rather than considering a broad range technologies and trends.

We offer a service that provides strategic technical leadership. We deliver this as consultancy or as a non-exec CTO. Whatever works best for you.

“During my 20 years in IT and digital industries, I have spent 10 years on senior leadership teams and on the board of companies where digital technology was key to their proposition. I’ve seen many things that work, and many that don’t – in terms of technology, teams, process and culture. I have found that driving an effective technical team, keeping it aligned with the business, and up to date with technologies and practices is a unique challenge. I believe that digital business benefit from a technology leader with a technical background, that can talk tech but with a solid and experienced business head, who keeps up to date with technologies and other digital businesses to spot trends and best-practice.”

Philip Clarke.
Managing Director, Non-Exec CTO & Lead Consultant

Email us or call Phil on 0117 230 7060.

We can provide:

  • board / senior-level representation of technology
  • strategic technical direction and technology roadmap
  • senior technical team building and management
  • technical & information security compliance

Our engagement will typically involve:

  • up-front deep-dive understanding of business drivers (business proposition, commercial model, competitive landscape, current technology platform, processes, team, suppliers
  • generation of recommendations and proposed roadmap
  • regular report and Q&A with the board on technical delivery within the business, issues & risks, technology trends (industry and wider) you should be aware of at a strategic level
  • technical team and resource planning, assessment & recruitment support
  • mentoring the senior technology team
  • incident support at a senior level
  • pitching / proposals where presenting technical confidence is key

Email us or call Phil on 0117 230 7060.

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