Bespoke Executive Training for Digital Businesses by

When digital technology is key to your business, it is important for the executive team to have sufficient understanding of the technology.  Having the right level of knowledge ensures the executive team:

  • are aware of the technology trends that affect your business and industry
  • can check alignment between business objectives and technical direction
  • can better assess the effectiveness of technical delivery – whether in-house or outsourced

We provide fully bespoke executive-level training in digital technology.

In preparation, we engage with the key personnel you recommend within your business to understand what technology is important to the business. We then develop a bespoke training session for your executive / senior leadership team. This will typically cover:

  • what digital technologies are being used in your business, why and how
  • dive into whatever depth you wish to go in to around any of these technologies
  • how your use of technology compares with other businesses in your industry
  • technical trends and considerations specific to your business and technology platform

The content will be specific to you and your business, and the direction and pace of the session will be driven by you on the day.

Of course, you may be working with some very niche technologies or in a very nuanced field – or you may be expert in the area of technology already. So if after initial conversations we (or you) feel that the proposed training will not be useful, we can stop there before delivering the training without any charge.

Email us for more details or to discuss you requirements.