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Founder and Lead Consultant Philip Clarke has been working in the software and digital industries for 20 years. Starting as a developer for large system integrators, he progressed into consultancy and management, leading the technical teams at digital agencies, part of senior leadership teams and sitting on the board of directors. He has worked as a consultant, understanding and helping to communicate the complex technical work carried out by hundreds of businesses, seeing the latest in digital technologies, trends and approaches.

“My strength has always been in communicating, being a bridge between business and technology. Sometimes that’s articulating complicated technical concepts to non-techies, other times translating business requirements into technical solutions. Along the way, that’s allowed me to see a wide range of technologies and ways of working.

“I founded Articulate Digital as I wanted to improve the way that techies and other professionals communicate and work together. And to share insights across digital technologies to help small digital businesses to be strategic about their use of technology.

“As a Bristol boy, I’m passionate about Bristol and am massively excited with its status as a hotbed of technology companies and start-ups. So I wanted to set-up the business in Bristol and contribute to its energy. And with good links to London and rest of the country, it is our ideal base to work with clients across the country and beyond – in person and digitally.”

Philip Clarke.

Founder, Managing Director & Lead Consultant
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Articulate Digital Ltd, Newminster House, 27-29 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1LT
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